My Super Affiliate Builder Review 2020 – Is it a Scam or Not?

Hi guys, thanks for stopping by to check out my My Super Affiliate Builder review! I’m really excited about this software as it’s leveling out the affiliate marketing playing field and giving some insight into how the super affiliates become super!


My Super Affiliate Builder Overview

Essentially My Super Affiliate Builder is an intelligent quiz funnels tool designed to make it really simple for someone with no coding knowledge to build out an interactive quiz funnel or questionnaire that your visitors can engage with.

The quiz funnels are super powerful as they create immediate engagement with your visitors by asking multiple choice questions about their personal circumstances or preferences, which eventually leads to providing a tailored message to that visitor depending on their answers. This helps build trust as they feel like they’re being listened to, and you’re providing them with a customised solution based on their specific needs and wants.

These quiz funnels are the secret weapons of loads of super affiliates who are doing tens of thousands a month in commission, who are able to afford the cost and time of developing these funnels. This software was created to remove that barrier to entry for the average person so they can leverage the power of these interactive questionnaires.

Many successful affiliates were consulted when creating this tool, and it is built with the features required to ensure you can create and retain success, with robust customisation along with strict compliance capabilities like disclosure statements and privacy policies to prevent your advertising accounts from being shut down.

In case you can’t tell, I’m obviously a very big fan of this software, and absolutely recommend it. If you haven’t got it yourself yet you can jump on board by clicking here, otherwise read on to learn more!


What does My Super Affiliate Builder do?

At a high level, the software aims to deliver on the following:

  • Provide everyone access to a quiz funnel building tool at an affordable price
  • Help prevent ad account shut downs
  • Help increase your quality score and lower your cost per click
  • Build segmented mailing lists on autopilot with your chosen autoresponder
  • Build out your custom audiences based on the answers visitors provide

If you’re like me and prefer some more detail on how it all works, read on for some more info and FAQs, or check out the video below for a demo.

My Super Affiliate Builder Demo Video


In case you’re not aware, you can’t send traffic directly from a Facebook or Google ad directly to an affiliate offer. That’s why the super affiliates use these funnels – they interview the visitor so the visitor invests time, then provide some value at the end so the customer gets what they clicked for, then follow up with an email opt-in to provide the visitor with even more value. Opt-in rates are high as the visitor doesn’t want to abandon that offer after investing the time to complete the questionnaire.

If you get an opt-in then that’s great – based on the answers provided you can choose any number of lists from your autoresponder that you would like to add the subscriber to so you can then send even more targeted marketing. If the user doesn’t opt-in it’s okay! If you’ve added your pixels then the software tracks the visitors and the answers they provide, so you can create specific custom audiences to retarget them based on the responses you’ve been given (e.g. People who like ecom more than affiliate marketing, or people who have started a store vs those still looking etc.)

When you are creating a funnel, you can add all of your questions and answers in first, then use an interactive drag and drop flow builder to build out your journey and the pages served based on the answers provided. This means you don’t have to create loads of different funnels for the same offer to manage the different flows. Once you finish your funnel, you can save it as a template and use it as a starting point for your next funnel!

My Super Affiliate Builder FAQs

Question: Where is My Super Affiliate Builder hosted / how do I access it?

Answer: The My Super Affiliate Builder software works as a WordPress plugin, so you just need to spin up a WordPress site and install the plug in and you’re ready to go (there are loads of super quick and easy video tutorials on how to set up a WordPress website in no time on YouTube – hopefully I’ll get one up soon too!)

Question: How does this lower my cost per click?

Answer: These quiz funnels can spike your engagement rates compared to a standard one size fits all approach, as they provide more value. Increasing your engagement reduces your bounce rate which in turn improves your quality score with ad networks like Google and Facebook, reducing your cost per click and getting you super cheap email opt-ins.

Question: What autoresponder softwares does My Super Affiliate Builder integrate with?

Answer: The software currently integrates with the following autoresponders to send your opt-ins to:

Question: Can I add my Google and Facebook pixels to the survey pages?

Answer: Yes, there is built in functionality to just paste your pixel codes in

Question: How easy is it to set up the questions and answers?

Answer: Super easy, it’s just matter of adding your question, then an answer, then a question, then an answer etc. Then you just use a drag and drop editor to create the journey the visitor will go through depending on their answers. I recommend checking out the video above if you’d like to see a funnel creation in process

Question: Can I only market affiliate products with My Super Affiliate Builder?

Answer: No not at all, you can use it for other things like your own products, ecom products, services etc.

Question: Why should I use My Super Affiliate Builder instead of ClickFunnels?

Answer: Honestly ClickFunnels is an amazing tool which is super robust and has a lot more uses than just the quiz funnels. However, it comes with a reasonable monthly cost, where My Super Affiliate builder can be picked up for a one-time cost of $39USD at the time of writing this article, so it is a lot more affordable for someone who hasn’t already invested in ClickFunnels and is looking to test the waters.

Question: What parts of the funnel pages can I edit?

Answer: Basically everything! Headers, footers, fonts, colours for text, buttons, progress bars etc, backgrounds, disclaimers, privacy policies and more, all within a WYSIWYG editor, so no coding experience required

Question: Are the funnels mobile responsive?

Answer: Yeah they are, without any extra effort on your end, and they look great on mobiles


My Super Affiliate Builder Review Summary

All in all, I think this is an amazing software for the price, and I absolutely recommend it. If you like what you’ve seen above, you can get your hands on the software here.

If you’ve got any questions about what I’ve discussed above, feel free to drop a comment below or reach out to me from the Contact page.

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