Hey guys,

My names Sam, and one of my biggest passions is digital marketing. When people ask me what my hobbies are I usually get some pretty weird looks when I say online marketing, but it’s honestly the first thing my mind goes to.

To me, it’s about more than making money online – it’s also fun and exciting! I love to learn the newest strategies as well as brush up on the basics, and I get such a rush out of setting up a new campaign or trying out a new tactic.

I’ve tried loads of different online business models over the years, like starting a creative agency making mobile apps for local businesses, freelancing as an SEO expert, creating micro-niche affiliate sites, dropshipping businesses for high and low ticket items, and starting an FBA label just to name a few.

I’ve had success with some businesses and bombed with others. I’m no guru, but I don’t plan on giving up any time soon. That is why I created Online Bankroll – I wanted to share my experiences, tips, tricks, opinions and reviews, and hopefully help you guys avoid some pitfalls and reach new levels in your own businesses.

This blog will focus on all things digital marketing and eBusiness, including eCommerce, dropshipping, affiliate marketing, email marketing, dropservicing, social media marketing, lead generation, content curation and much more!

Anyway that’s enough about me. Hopefully you can stick around to read one of my posts for this long 😉

If you’ve got any questions or feedback on the site, I invite you to reach out on the post or through the Contact page.

To your success!